Union[anndata._core.anndata.AnnData, mudata._core.mudata.MuData], annotation: Union[str, pandas.core.frame.DataFrame], sep: str = '\t', return_annotation: bool = False)#

Parse peak annotation file and add it to the .uns[“atac”][“peak_annotation”]

  • data – AnnData object with peak counts or multimodal MuData object with ‘atac’ modality.

  • annotation – A path to the peak annotation file (e.g. peak_annotation.tsv) or DataFrame with it. Annotation has to contain columns: peak, gene, distance, peak_type.

  • sep – Separator for the peak annotation file. Only used if the file name is provided. Tab by default.

  • return_annotation – If return adata.uns[‘atac’][‘peak_annotation’]. False by default.