Contents AnnData | MuData, x: str | None = None, y: str | None = None, color: str | Sequence[str] | None = None, use_raw: bool | None = None, layers: str | Sequence[str] | None = None, **kwargs)#

Scatter plot along observations or variables axes. Variables in each modality can be referenced, e.g. "rna:X_pca".

See for details.

  • data (Union[AnnData, MuData]) – MuData or AnnData object

  • x (Optional[str]) – x coordinate

  • y (Optional[str]) – y coordinate

  • color (Optional[Union[str, Sequence[str]]], optional (default: None)) – Keys for variables or annotations of observations (.obs columns), or a hex colour specification.

  • use_raw (Optional[bool], optional (default: None)) – Use .raw attribute of the modality where a feature (from color) is derived from. If None, defaults to True if .raw is present and a valid layer is not provided.

  • layers (Optional[Union[str, Sequence[str]]], optional (default: None)) – Names of the layers where x, y, and color come from. No layer is used by default. A single layer value will be expanded to [layer, layer, layer].