Install muon#

Stable version#

muon can be installed from PyPI with pip:

pip install muon

Development version#

To use a pre-release version of muon, install it from from the GitHub repository:

pip install git+


Please see details on installing scanpy and its dependencies here. If there are issues that have not beed described, addressed, or documented, please consider opening an issue.

If you encounter the error Illegal instruction: 4 when installing muon on Apple Silicon (e.g. M1 or M2 chips), try these steps that were suggested for a similar error when installing TensorFlow.

Hacking on muon#

For hacking on the package, it is most convenient to do a so-called development-mode install, which symlinks files in your Python package directory to your muon working directory, such that you do not need to reinstall after every change. We use flit as our build system. After installing flit, you can run flit install -s from within the muon project directory to perform a development-mode install. Happy hacking!